Bobby Rio is delighted to announce his return to the stage after several years – he just can’t stay away any longer! Having sung with all the greats, made some enviably amazing memories and recorded some truly iconic tracks, Bobby is returning to bring his unique talent to new audiences with the aim of infusing every event at which he is invited to perform with his personality and passion for music.

Choosing a singer for any event can be difficult, you need someone to set the mood and create atmosphere, to entertain a range of very different people who may have different tastes and preferences and perhaps even to get those guests up on the dance floor. When planning an event of any kind, you are sure to want a musician or vocalist who not only has a great talent, but who knows how to use it to best effect, taking your guests on an emotional journey and creating lasting memories of your event; after all the music is crucial to the success of any occasion and can make or break the day.

Having been in the business for so long, Bobby Rio understands your needs and worries. If you are seeking a performer, you can be sure that Bobby’s versatility and professionalism will exceed your expectations whether you need him for a corporate event or a romantic wedding. This is what sets Bobby apart; his ability to anticipate the desire of the crowd, his innate grasp of occasion and how he is able to apply his talent to such a wide range of vocal styles; his voice effortlessly takes on swing, pop, rock, big band, country and soul in an impressive showcase of talent that put his above singers who stick to one style. Equally at home in front of large crowds and more intimate gatherings, Bobby’s vocal talents will make your event unforgettable for both yourself and your guests.